Sauces with Culinary Integrity you’ll be proud to use.

  • RTU-VERSATILITY: All can be used for grilling, stir frying/sauté work, glazing, marinating, basting, enhancing soups, gravies, sauces and dips.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Download our Gluten-Free Test Results
  • KOSHER: Certified Star-K Kosher Pareve.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Portion costs range from 5-20 cents. Due to flavor concentration and intensity, less Chef Myron’s is needed to gain the same flavor as any competing brand.
  • UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE: (as long as capped). Refrigeration not necessary due to acid pH and low water activity.
  • ALL NATURAL: No gums, artificial colors, fillers, corn syrups, NO MSG, no animal products. NOT SALTY!
  • QUALITY: Only the finest ingredients go into Chef Myron’s hand crafted sauces.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – FLAVOR: Instantly amplifies the savory(Umami) flavor points of proteins,vegetables, and carbs.

Chef Myron says,“We’re Talking UMAMI!!”

A Solution to Your Needs

Chefs who place high value on flavor, authenticity and premium quality depend on high quality value-added ingredients to create flavor profiles that distinguish them from their competition. CHEF MYRON’S PRODUCTS ENABLE YOU TO ATTAIN CONSISTENT PREMIUM QUALITY FROM A JUG!

Chef Myron has sourced and selected a delicious long Aged Shoyu (Japanese style soy sauce) as the base line flavor of his sauces. Genuine soy sauce is a brew of water, soy beans, wheat and sea salt inoculated with a yeast called Koji and allowed to brew and ferment. It is then aged in wooden tanks.

As a premium soy sauce is brewed and aged, gluten in the roasted whole wheat mash converts to glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is THE prime source for the savory flavor that the Japanese call “UMAMI”. Use of this soy sauce, along with real saké (rice wine), fresh ginger and garlic, citrus juices, roasted sesame oil and natural cane sugars, causes CHEF MYRON’S products to powerfully enhance and amplify the umami flavor points of your menu offerings.

Chef Myron’s sauces are the finest soy based, Asian style sauces available to the restaurant industry. They are all GLUTEN FREE, natural, Star-K Kosher, and contain no MSG, thickeners or artificial preservatives. Most importantly, they work. Myron’s sauces are delicious, easy to use and cost-effective.

Myron’s Fine Foods Inc. uses only the finest aged Shoyu in all of our sauces. Long aged soy sauces have higher concentrations of glutamic acid, which is a product of wheat fermentation. Glutamic acid acts as a flavor enhancer without the adverse effects of MSG. Long aged soy sauces contain less sodium because less salt is needed as a preservative. This makes Chef Myron’s the preferred sauces for health care institutions and all other operations that care about the health of their diners. To the best of our knowledge, our sauces have the lowest sodium content of any soy-based product available.

Primary ingredients are premium aged Shoyu, sake, unrefined sugars, ginger, garlic, citrus juices, sesame oil and oriental spices.

A pH of 4.12 and water availability of .88 makes our sauces incapable of supporting harmful bacteriological growth. They have a virtually infinite shelf life.

Although more expensive than other soy based sauces, our sauces are often more economical to use. Chef Myron’s sauces are excellent for glazing and basting; thus the waste of dumping used marinade is avoided. Glazing seals juices in and coats with a complimentary flavor and attractive color. Typical cost per serving (1/4 oz) as a glaze is about 4.5 cents, contributing less than 2% total food cost to the center of the plate. Chef Myron’s sauces are also ideal for stir-fry or sautés and make a wonderful addition to soups, dips and gravies.

Chef Myron’s sauces are packaged for the foodservice, restaurant and manufacturing industry in cases of 2 plastic half gallon jugs, 4 one gallon pouches and 55-gallon drums.

A technical advice telephone number is printed on the label of each restaurant product. Techniques, customized advice, recipes and suggestions are available from Chef Myron.

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