Island Jerk



Pretty spicy,with Habanero peppers,onions, and lime juice for an Island flavor. Gluten Free.

4 / 64 oz plastic pouches – $67.00*

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Pretty spicy, with Habanero peppers, onions, and lime juice for an Island flavor.

Flavor: Traditional Caribbean spices help to liven up your food by marrying the Habaneros, and citrus flavors into a wonderful coating.

Applications: Just toss your wings to nap thoroughly and send your diners to Jamaica, mon!

Ingredients: Water, onion, ginger, naturally brewed soy sauce, cane sugar, cider vinegar, apple, molasses, salt, orange juice, rice starch, Habanero peppers, garlic, lime juice, canola oil, olive oil, herbs, and spices.
Gluten Free.
Packed in 4×64 oz pouches-not resealable
Should Refrigerate after opening!

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