Robust grilling and bbq sauce. Kosher & Gluten Free.

2 / 64 oz jugs – $50*

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Teri: “To Shine”
Yaki: “Fire Grilled”

Teriyaki is a classical Japanese grilling or broiling technique which results in a deep rich glaze. Use as a BBQ sauce to glaze and seal in the juices of meats, substantial fishes such as salmon or  tuna, and vegetables. Is a superior steak sauce and chop sauce for grilling, or broiling. Brush on meat loafs. Use to deepen French Onion Soup or others soups with a dark beef base. Caramelized onions finished with Chef Myron’s Teriyaki Sauce make a great accompaniment. Kosher & Gluten Free.

Flavor: Rich, robust, and slightly sweet. Deep soy base notes tempered with prominent garlic and pepper overtones.

Applications: The ultimate steak sauce. Perfect for glazing and saucing grilled, broiled and roasted red and game meats. Great stir fry and gravy enhancer.

Ingredients: Naturally brewed soy, “black” unrefined sugar, sake (rice wine), fresh garlic, honey, rice starch, and Chef Myron’s select spices.

ABOUT GLUTEN AND WHEAT- All gluten from the wheat in this product is converted to amino acids during the fermentation process. The soy sauce tested well below the 20 ppm criteria set by the FDA as Gluten Free.
(See Gluten Free Statement)

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