Light Lemon/ginger soy sauce. Kosher & Gluten Free.

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Tsuke: “To Soak”
Yaki: “Grilled”

A light, fresh-tasting gingery sauce with a hint of lemon. Carefully crafted for marinated and grilling fish and seafood. Use as a glaze for grilled, baked or broiled seafood. Use as a dip for fried seafood. Apply right out of the bottle as a dressing for seafood salad. As a sauté sauce it will glaze and put a shine on foods over high heat. Kosher & Gluten Free.

Flavor: Bright and gingery. Blend of soy sake, and rice vinegar combine with lemon high points to create a light piquancy.

Applications: Marinating, basting, grilling, sauting, stir frying, and baking fin fish and seafood. Also a great dipping and dressing sauce just as is.

Ingredients: Naturally brewed soy sauce, sake (rice wine), evaporated cane juice, honey, rice wine vinegar, fresh ginger, lemon juice, and Chef Myron’s select spices.

ABOUT GLUTEN AND WHEAT- All gluten from the wheat in this product is converted to amino acids during the fermentation process. The soy sauce tested well below the 20 ppm criteria set by the FDA as Gluten Free.
(See Gluten Free Statement)

Product Specifications (download PDF)


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