Light & savory teriyaki sauce. Kosher & Gluten Free.

2 / 64 oz jugs – $50*

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Yaki: Grilled
Toiri: Fowl

In Japan, yakitori or grill houses specialize in skewered, glazed, and grilled poultry cooked in this sauce. This light teriyaki sauce makes delicious fried rice or lo mien, stir-fries. Great for flavoring soups and casseroles. For “trail mix”; bake onto mixed nuts or pumpkinseeds. Adds a savory touch to gravy, dressings, and dips. Use straight as a marinade, glaze or table condiment. It forms tasty gravy when thickened with a bit of cornstarch or roux. Kosher & Gluten Free.

Flavor: Mellow, balanced, and delicate nuances interact with deep soy flavor points. Not overly sweet.

Applications: Versatile; perfect for sauting, stir frying, marinating, basting/glazing or roasting poultry, and much more.

Ingredients: Naturally brewed soy sauce, sake (rice wine), evaporated cane juice, honey, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, and Chef Myron’s select spices.

ABOUT GLUTEN AND WHEAT- All gluten from the wheat in this product is converted to amino acids during the fermentation process. The soy sauce tested well below the 20 ppm criteria set by the FDA as Gluten Free.
(See Gluten Free Statement)

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