Chef Myron’s 20 Gauge Wild Game & Fish Sauce


Bone the pheasant and cut thigh & breast meat up into 2″ chunks. Marinate 24 hours by placing meat and 1/2 C. MYRON’S 20 GAUGE WILD GAME & FISH SAUCE in a zip lock bag and forcing all air out
Make a demiglaze reduction by tossing the drumsticks, wings & a few chunks of onion and brown well with a bit of fat in a very hot skillet. Deglaze the skillet with a bit of wine or cider (scrape the bottom with a spatula), add a few peppercorns and a few cups of water. Boil like hell until reduced to 1/2 C.

Peel, core & chunk up 2 apples. Chunk up a good sized onion (Vidallia if possible). Drain Pheasant meat & save marinade. Dredge meat in white flour and saut to golden brown in, (in order of my preference); rendered salt pork, bacon fat, or olive oil.

Remove meat and add to pan (with a bit more grease if necessary), the onions til translucent & soft and the apples. Hit it all with a few good glugs (or the remaining marinade) of MYRON’S 20 GAUGE and 1/2 C. of either (in order of my preference); dry hard cider, beer with a bit of apple brandy, fresh cider or white wine and the reduced stock. Salt to taste. Simmer slowly on slow flame or in 350 oven, covered until pheasant is nice & tender and the apples turn to mush.

Serve with a good crusty European style bread and a cheap Montepulciano red wine. Go out and shoot some more Pheasants. Invite Chef Myron to hunt your favorite coverts.

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