Chef Myron’s
Eurasian Fusion Sauce aka Magic 20 Gauge Marinade

The perfect sauce for venison or other game meats

INSTRUCTIONS:  This is the Quick version see below for detailed recipe to accompany fowl/turkey. Contains same ideas just more details.

Reduce in a small sauce pan on high heat by 25%


Add and whisk in 1 C. Elderberry or Lingnonberry jelly and

2 Tbs. Hoisin sauce and

1 Tbs. minced broad leaf parsely

Nap on venison chops, steaks, Emu etc.This is a perfect turkey “napping” sauce to serve in your gravy boat (great on duck or goose too!)

Thanksgiving “Faux Cumberland” Sauce.
Cumberland Sauce is an old English game sauce named for the Duke of Cumberland created in the late 19th century. It is always made from some berry type fruit and I believe originally used Lingonberry or “Cow Beries” (called “partridge berry” in Newfoundland) preserves. BUT here in the US of A, cranberry sauce rules and is a perfect substitute, especially on Thanksgiving! Originally a fairly complicated recipe using port wine, juniper berry, ginger, orange zest etc Myron’s 20 Gauge makes it easy

In a small sauce pan (or big one for many guests) combine:
3 Tbs minced shallot (or scallion whites)
2 C. Myron’s 20 GA Game Sauce (Magic Marinade or Eurasian Fusion — all the same stuff) and reduce 30% over high heat. When the bubbles get big and it starts to look syrupy  Add:
(Optional) 1 tsp orange zest
1 C cranberry sauce. You can use either the jellied type from cans or the country style one with the cranberry parts in it. You will get different results but both delicious.
Whisk while boiling until the consistency is nice and saucy and will coat the back of a spoon.
Take off the heat and add:
2 Tbs of minced or “chiffonade” fresh parsley (broad leaf or Italian is best) and
2 Tbs a good sized clump of cold sweet (pref unsalted) butter (NOT margarine) and whisk gently until just melted. This is called “monte au beurre” and it works to make the sauce much smoother and after all it is Thanksgiving!

Enjoy & be thankful!
Chef Myron

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