Chef Myron’s
Yakitori Sauce

to taste

4 c. cooked white rice

2 c. chicken stock

4 filets of chicken
breast or thigh meat

1/2 c. sweet peas

8 eggs

2 T. chopped scallions


Cook or heat rice. (Heated or microwaved leftovers are fine.)

Thinly slice 4 breast filets of chicken.

Beat 8 eggs with 2 T. Chef Myron’s Yakitori Sauce.

In a large pan or wok, simmer chicken stock with 3 T. Chef Myron’s Yakitori.

Add chicken; simmer for about 5 minutes.

Add scallions and peas. Simmer 30 sec.

Pour egg in a thin steam while stirring.

Place hot rice into 4 large bowls.

As soon as eggs are set, ladle over rice and serve.

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