Fresh salmon filet
(either skin on or skinned is up to you).

White flour or cornstarch

Peanut or vegetable oil

Scallions or cilantro garnish

For a quick, uncomplicated solution to making natural meals that everyone will love, use CHEF MYRON’S Sauces. The mincing, the dicing, the blending of quality spices is done.  You can trust that each of our sauces is subtle, balanced and composed to my high culinary standards.

You are ready to create!  Be imaginative, not a slave to recipes.  (“Imagination is more important then knowledge” A. Einstein.) Cook to your taste. Envision the meal. Contrast flavors, textures and colors.  Don’t be afraid to flavor the main dish boldly; offer balance with a subtle side dish. Cooking starts in the market. Buy the best fresh ingredients. Build your menu around what you find. Don’t worry about exact measurements (except in baking). Freely substitute, except, of course, for the Chef Myron’s.


Note: The technique of pan searing depends on high heat, which seals in natural juices while creating contrasting textures and flavors. This technique will work well on any other fish filet.

Sprinkle or brush salmon liberally with a few Tbsp. CHEF MYRON’S PONZU and allow to sit for a few minutes.

Dredge filet with cornstarch or flour.

Heat skillet, add oil, heat until smoking hot.

Slide filet in carefully skin side up (if skin on). Shake pan gently to keep fish from sticking.

Sear for 2 to 3 minutes. Use spatula to peek under the fish to see if it is a nice golden brown.

When browned, turn to skin side down and sear for another 3-4 minutes

When skin side is browned and crisp, add 3 Tbsp. CHEF MYRON’S PONZU moving the fish around the pan rapidly to coat the skin.

Gently turn the fish over onto flesh side and slide around in the thickening sauce to glaze well.

Remove immediately into a serving platter and garnish.

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