Chef Myron’s
Yakitori Sauce

For a quick, uncomplicated solution to making natural meals that everyone will love, use Chef Myron’s Sauces™. The mincing, the dicing, the blending of quality spices is done. You can trust that each of our sauces is subtle, balanced, and composed to my high culinary standards.

You are ready to create! Be imaginative, not a slave to recipes. (Imagination is more important than knowledge”, A. Einstein.) Cook to your taste. Envision the meal. Contrast flavors, textures and colors. Don’t be afraid to flavor the main dish boldly; offer balance with a subtle side dish. Cooking starts in the market. Buy the best fresh ingredients. Build your menu around what you find. Don’t worry about exact measurements (except in baking). Freely substitute, except, of course, for the Chef Myron’s.™

If you have questions or comments, call us. We are family-owned specialty foods manufacturing company in the beautiful Berkshire foothills of north central Massachusetts. (978) 544-2820.


Quarter bird and then (using chef’s knife or cleaver) hack up quarters to 2” pieces.

Marinate in a zip lock bag in 1/2 C. CHEF MYRON’S 20 GUAGE GAME AND FISH SAUCE. Seal bag by rolling tightly on counter to force all air out and zip.

Keep in fridge for a few hours or over night.
Drain into bowl reserving the marinade.

Toss pheasant pieces with flour or corn starch until well coated.
Heat 4 Tbs. peanut or vegetable oil in a wok or skillet until smoking.

Carefully add pheasant pieces while shaking the pan a bit to keep from sticking.

Turn pieces to brown evenly.

Drain off any excess oil and toss in a half cup of minced onion or scallion and some chopped mushrooms and sauté for a few min.
Pour in ½ C. CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCE, turn heat down & cover.

Stir a few times and cook for 10 min. in sauce.

Turn out in a serving bowl and garnish with chopped scallians, cilantro, parsley or any combination thereof.

Serve with steamed rice and a nice cold beer.

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