Chef Myron’s 20 Gauge Wild Game & Fish Sauce


Thanksgiving turkey roasted with the help of Myron’s 20 Gauge is a natural!

Marinating a whole turkey will not work very well as the marinade will not absorb through the skin. So you need to get it under the skin and into the muscle. Here’s how:
Injection; If you do not have a syringe type sauce injector, you can use a bulb baster by puncturing the bird in the deepest fleshiest areas; inside of the thighs, into the breast meat along the breast bone etc. with a thin sharp skewer and then filling the bulb with 20 GA and pressing hard a bit into the puncture (being careful not to tear the skin too much) and injection squirting the marinade into the flesh. It will distribute itself along the grain of the muscle. You only need to inject a half oz. or so at a time. (Some folks have been known to mix a bit of Tabasco or Sriracha type hot sauce with the 20 GA for an extra kick). Then let the turkey rest for an hour or so before roasting. It is a good idea, especially if your bird is not stuffed to allow it to come closer to room temp before placing in the oven. Also don’t forget to rub some of the sauce into the cavity as they garlic & spice aromas will permeate the meat from the inside.

Basting: For the last 45 min or so of roasting  DO brush the 20 GA onto the turkeys skin every 15 min or so. This will give the skin a delicious burnish and flavor.

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Enjoy & be thankful!
Chef Myron

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