Chef Myron’s Szechuan,
Teriyaki &
Ponzu Sauces


ThSauce: 1.5 units (cups, jugs etc.) CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCE, 1/2 unit CHEF MYRON’S TSUKEYAKI SAUCE (or 3% lemon juice), 1 unit CHEF MYRON’S PREMIUM TERIYAKI SAUCE & 1.5 unit Cream of Coconut (such as Coco Lopez or Goya’s Coconut Cream). Bring all to a strong boil and reduce until syrup viscosity.

Toss (semi butterflied) 21-25 P&D shrimp in CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCE sufficient to barely coat. (Butterflying shrimp ideal but optional).

“Velvet” by sprinkling with cornstarch until you get a light batter coat or toss with white flour.

(Either) Deep fry until done or sauté quickly in oil.

(If deep fried) Toss in a bowl with 2 oz. sauce mix and julienne “gari or sushoga” (easily available) to coat or if sauté, finish with the sauce and sushi ginger.

Plate over bed (scoop) of white rice tossed with CHEF MYRON’S PONZUminced scallion or cilantro.

Garnish with chopped scallion, cilantro and (if not first incorporated in sauce), a sprinkle of pickled “sushi” ginger.

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