Chef Myron’s Szechuan,
Ponzu & Roasted
Sesame Oil


This is a perfect recipe to use up belly flap and other trimmings from salmon filets.

Slice Atlantic salmon (trimmings) into 1/2” strips.

Toss pieces of salmon lightly with CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCEto coat. (Optional: Egg white stirred in to coat will create a smoother and richer ‘batter’)

Sprinkle with corn starch and mix gently until the salmon has a light slippery coating of batter. (This is called “velveting”). Fish can be portioned and stored at this point.

Deep fry a portion until lightly golden.

Bring sauce to just below boiling temp. Heat vegetables if necessary.
Remove salmon from oil, toss with vegetables and sauce (see below).


Mix 1 qt. CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCE with 2 qts. light chicken stock. (Fish stock, diluted clam juice, vegetable stock or bullion can be substituted).

Bring to a boil and thicken with cornstarch paste to light syrup consistency.

Off heat and add ½ qt. CHEF MYRON’S PONZU and finely minced cilantro or scallions.

Stored refrigerated will have at least a one week shelf.

Portion is 2 oz./svg.


Cut into thick julienne or sliced on the bias: Bok Choi, Onions, black (shiitaki) mushrooms (either fresh or dried and soaked) and red bell peppers.

Blanch quickly in salted boiling water or in the steamer.

Portion and store.

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