Chef Myron’s
Teriyaki Sauce

4 oz. Beef tenderloin per serving

Clarified butter or oil

Coarsely crushed red pepper

Coarsely crushed black pepper


The secret to this one is to use a cast iron skillet, and to know how to tell how well a steak is done: feel it with your finger the way chefs do. (A Chef Myron hint: press your cheek that’s the feel of rare. Press the end of your nose, that’s the feel of medium. Press your forehead, that’s well done.)

Have the butcher cut (4 oz) filets of beef from the tenderloin.

Lightly pound them to 1/2” thickness with the palm of your hand or a blunt instrument.

Encrust them with a coarsely crushed pepper-corns.

Heat skillet to very hot, add clarified butter or oil (whole butter will burn!) and sear steaks for a minute or sow each side. Flip only once (to preserve the juiciness).Test with your finger for doneness.

Just before done to your liking, add a few Tbs. Chef Myron’s Teriyaki Sauce, shaking and turning the steaks quickly to allow sauce to glaze.

Remove pan from stove and finish with a dab of butter added to pan just prior to removing steaks.

Complimentary meal suggestion: serve with lightly blanched slivered snow peas and a bowl of steamed rice.

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