Chef Myron’s Ponzu Sauce


Sauce: Bring 1 C. delicate fish, and seafood or chicken stock to a simmer.
Stir in 2 Tbs. CHEF MYRON’S PONZU until seasoned to taste.

Stir in light cornstarch paste until the sauce takes very light viscosity (barely coats back of spoon).

Stir in a few slivers of “gari” (pickled pink sushi ginger) and some fresh herb of choice (I like cilantro, cialis sale scallion or Thai basil).

Briefly marinate tilapia filets in CHEF MYRON’S PONZU whipped with an egg white.

Dredge in corn starch coating well.
Deep fry @ 350°F to a light caramalization.

Serve in a shallow oval for best effect with a side of lightly poached or sautéed Asian greens and some fresh rice noodle.

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