Chef Myron’s Yakitori,
Szechuan & Ponzu Sauces 


Use any sliced chicken breast, grilled breast or tenders that you are already using.

Toss and marinate in CHEF MYRON’S ORIGINAL YAKITORI SAUCE for a few min.

Make Dressing: 70% CHEF MYRON’S PONZU SAUCE and 30% CHEF MYRON’S SZECHUAN SAUCE in a squeeze bottle.

Make an Asian Slaw using either shredded Napa Cabbage or Iceberg lettuce (optional; some julienne “gari” = sushi ginger), carrots, red onion, red peppers etc.

Dress the slaw using the mix of CHEF MYRON’S PONZU and SZECHUAN sauces.

Make a Wasabi Mayo dressing: Mayonnaise, pinch of wasabi paste and a few Tbs. PONZU SAUCE.

Assemble: Spread dressing on wrap, layer chicken with slaw, squeeze extra dressing and wrap.

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