“The Grey’s quote is what introduced me to your products. The True national secret/treasure is the Magic 20 Gauge sauce.”

David Deger

“One of my native So. Cal friends told me that I’d made him the best turkey burger he’d ever tasted!! My recipe for “Yaki-Turkey Burgers” uses Chef Myron’s Yakitori Sauce which truly elevates things to the NEXT level. Thank you for your wonderful product!”

Lesley M. Richardson

“Absolutely delicious, my Japanese cousin says they are better than the ones she can buy in the Japanese stores!”

Julie T.

“I have been using your teriyaki sauce for a few months now in the restaurant and it is the best I have ever used. I can’t believe how good and consistent it is. I was making my own but I admit, yours is not only better but it saves me so much time. I use it for all of our, lo mien dishes. We order from SYSCO and it’s one of the best products they have. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.”

Chef Roscoe
Coleman Just Jakes Montclair, New Jersey

“Bar None, did I say BAR NONE, Chef Myron’s marinades are Top Shelf!  Using your marinades has given me the ability to get creative and design signature products for my Customers.  You keep creating, we’ll keep buying”

Dennis M. Medeiros
Foodservice Director, Exeter JobCorps Academy

“I love that Ponzu. I try all kinds of bottled sauces all the time and this stuff was it, man. Best thing since Lee & Perrins, maybe better.”

M Johnson

“To say I am impressed is an understatement! I already know that I love your teriyaki sauce BUT, the fact that I received my order in less that 24 after ordering is incredible. You have always shown the best customer service practices and I would like to thank you!”

Virginia Trinque

“I have never experienced better or more responsive customer service. Myron’s sauce is better than my own homemade, thank you Myron!!!!!!!”

Sharon Tingley

“I used your Tsukeyaki marinade for the first time last week on grilled salmon and it was terrific! I felt like I was eating a restaurant meal!  Everyone raved!”

Paige McHugh

“You make the best stuff in the world! Your Yakitori always gets oooohs and aaaahs from our? dinner guests. They always ask “Where can we get that?”

Dennis Dupuis

“I paid a bit more than I would for the other brands, but you can’t put a price on good cooking.”

Mark Arentzen

“I’m so happy that Hampton Marketplace will be carrying your marinades as they are the best I’ve ever tried!!!”

Elise Marmon

“Not only do you have the best marinating sauce in the world, but you also have exemplary customer service. THANK YOU!!!”

Donny Gregory

“Myron’s Yakitori Sauce is a staple in our pantry”

John Gabor CEC

“My nine year old will only eat his salmon with your sauce.”

Marshall Ayers

“Someplace in my travels I purchased my first bottle of Yakitori, with which I fell in love. I thank you and thank you for making a wonderful product.”

Amelia Lindblad

“I would never have considered using bottled sauces instead of my grandmother’s recipe until I tried Myron’s”

“Marvelously balanced!”

Julia Child

“Three cheers for Myron’s, I like to dip my finger in and taste it anew from time to time”

A.D. Livingston
Food Writer, Grays Sporting Journal

“These products really work!”

Peter Fontaine
Ex Chef, Greenville (DE) Country Club

“I would not want to find my kitchen cabinet without a bottle of Myron’s Yakitori Sauce”

Tim Sperry
Grocery Category Mgr., Whole Foods, NE

“Nothing in the category comes in even a close second (to Chef Myron’s)”

Chef David Miller
Corp. Exec. Chef for specialty products SYSCO, NATIONAL

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